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It is a mesmash of adventures that involves in a boy, a glass room, a hurricane, a plane flying over amsterdam, a girl stranded on a cliff, their parents and a shark. It also includes a lift in a building that seems to be on foam, and a temple in the middle of a concrete site, and maybe even an old lady tending to the papers and joss sticks in that sacred ground founded by her beautiful father who was as old as time itself. In all that and a cottage in the hills could really prove to be yet another classic by Mister Chase!

Mister Chase is one of the characters in this main blog, started from Running in 2017, and the posts running all the way to date. He and Sparrow happen to be destined for a certain time of frame, and yet they were undone by fate. Hopefully their story will be told, so the masses will know about their adventures, maybe even love along the way.

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