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It was a No offense to you and I walk kind of thing

searching for that feeling and you never get what you want. the grass will only be greener on the netherside and we are just the ones being ripped off.

bam! he was thrown off his feet and he fell into a bottomless hole in free fall. he beckoned himself to stop and flapped like a bird but nothing happened to the hapless boy.

so lets wait and see how the end will be like and maybe it wont be a musical chairs game. maybe its a bottomless pit like they say and we won't fall flat in our faces. as he accelerated in his fall he got cold feet. maybe its better to have doubts about the pit and be done with it and scratch the walls bloody. yes he did all he could to make their life worse and lost a few toes and fingers. Like an idiot making a scene, he scratched and fell and tumbled and teared.

when all it was, was a bottomless pit so why worry? the No offense to you and I walk kind of thing so doesnt mean anything.

#Personalblog #2010

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