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Painted white and a faux pas blue tear below his eye, Jer knew all about the show he had to put up to get fulfilled a hard day's sweat. it took half an hour to lay down the powdery foundation and another quarter to touch up on his sparkles. it was a day's shift, a ticket to his sizeable pay and he enjoyed the showy lifestyle that came with it. it was a relevation for the simple and yet wary.

*uhm* he cleared his throat but he didn't need to say much for his show which was to go in 5 mites or so said his boss. he was up to do with his fingers illusions of fancy, like balloons, heavys balls and props that sat on his cart. yes oh yes Jeremy had alot of arsenal behind creepy glistening eyes and a smile as wide as a hook. he was not a clown, he was bigger than that, a face in a face, emotionless and cold despite painted grins and loony tunes.

up next is a person we've all come to love, the enigma that is Jer the Weirdo! he strided out of the performer's tent and into a typical circle ring and he looked at the audience. performers like him do not need to smile to get their howls and applause. he was the one to watch. he sniffed and snarled at the audience, not that they could see his joker face beneath heavy make up. and so he took his fidgity fingers to his abdomen and pull out from his middle torso red rubber which looked like bloodied soggy sausages stringed together and he pulled out more and more. blue sausages, brown sausages. he pulled until the top of his cart was piled with those things and he stopped.

he looked at them with fervoured hunger to prove his ticket and he took out boxes and boxes of stripped colours from behind his cart and he placed them on the ground. Jer the Weirdo had many uses for boxes. he waved for his ringmaster to go to the box to open one and he gestured theatrically for his boss to get what he deserved. Boom! the boss opened the box and got a blast that rocketed his head through the roof of the caravan and he smiled not that the audience could see. skipping a beat, the exact ringmaster with his head still attached came out of the performer's tent miraculously alive and well and the audience roared in anguish and offense. it had seemed the Joker didn't do his pounds justice and snapped but he did and he was the star of the show. the ringmaster looked upon him with pride and prejudice, wary of his star that will not wane for time to come. Dedicated to JM.

#Personalblog #2010

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