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if it were up to you

it required a simple answer. yes or no.

one only had to make a choice to be fair. choices in our lives seldom require us to dictate what's right or what's wrong. when they do, its subtlely implied yet that's how we mess up when we so fearlessly indulge ourselves in spite. in the end, that's probably how we endure anyways. i wish sometimes that life could be right or wrong, it makes things very simple, endurable. however, that's not what we can choose. injustices abound we will only feel unbearable pain when we are padfooting and making choices and, perhaps, right and wrong no longer matter. what difference does it make to be right? the question asked quite simply was "was it worthed it to protect what's right when there's nothing left?"

i'd rather not know.

#Personalblog #2012

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