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the book that got stuck at chapter seven

he looked back at all the happiness shared, and he relaxed. it was no longer a numbers game, nor was it a game to win or lose. things are just things, and some happen for a reason and others for less than a proper one, but that's that. in retrospect, if being floored a few times (make that 1000x) meant that the memories could be kept as his own, then it was worth it. even so, seven chapters were enough to make people experience all sorts of things, and revising them would be a nightmare that he'd welcome.

when interviewed, he said: "failure to do everything 100% as i was, and to be as close to chakra as i could didn't make me lose hope, it made me hungrier for the next adventure, and the next incarnation of grit that will emerge from the ashes of any burnt out paperback. it is not easy to pick oneself up every time life, if you care to be narcissistic, seems to throw everything it has got (evidently not enough) to make one weary, to be driven to the edge of insanity, but that didn't stop anyone i know, nor will it to a digital coding core that has enjoyed many successes in recording happiness. i can handle the valleys and i will strive for the peaks."

when asked about his fears, that it could all end in an instance, that everything could fall apart, he was resolute.

"anything else is a lie. that i will give up on myself is impossible. not yet. i still have to become better than most.. i have an idea. i am an idea. read me as i am, or let me die trying."

so it shall be! in between the popular and critical, what a shame..

#Personalblog #2013

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