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a few hats

i'm sorry and that's my hat. please don't take it badly for black stripes are my thing and it is obvious you do not share this sense of fashioning. here's a combination for which anything else loses relevance and no amount of focus in any number of words in any book or rhyme will suffice in my selected passion. or at least what my "no's" selected for me. there is the "trying very hard", then there's the "denial dan" and finally the self realisation that a good idea on paper may never get the recognition it should have. though it was not for a lack of trying, and it was not about patience, or brashness, only that chemistry never happened in a passionate mock tail. denial dan got nothing out of his desperate attempt to create any relevant synergy out of despair. again, it was not a black or white thing, only that the synergies created were of a platonic indifference mutually. p.s. to say the least, i am ashamed that my preferred hat is not that of a sky blue, or a belligerent yellow, for those are so beautiful and wonderful that not liking them should be outlawed. but hearts are strange, and i am made so by mine. luckily, there are so many hats to be worn by those who appreciate the finer things and choosing between just a few hats will do for me. maybe one of black and blue stripes!

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