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target season

the restless ones have awoken. they are all savvy people, and they are very courteous, but when it comes to reaching a common denominator of understanding, it is a ruthless and direct process. a singular answer suffices for a multi facet function and that is the only way to go about making sense of things. i call that keeping faith, and riding on it for at least there is progress in everything when understandings are brokered. when faith isn't enough, and it seldom is enough, you can always sleep and start again. life is a difficult game if you want to look at it from a detached waypoint, and even doing many things may not level you up. progression is all about perpetual learning, and when you stop doing that, it has realised your humanity. everyone has a number, and everyone knows many things, but who will be the next king or queen in a community? i believe that it is target season, for those who survive do so learning about their probable death. for those who get buried, well they learn even more for that's how low their level is. for those who do the shootings, they are in for a treat, but for the eventuality that we realise the humanity of it all: who's hands are clean in a harsh world? it is target season. bang bang.

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