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It has been said that love was an infinite mystery. To me, it has now been proven. Me wishing upon the stars and hoping that you will be there when i awake is a daily requirement i give myself. However, the awkwardness we feel when our eyes meet seems to cross over boundaries that we aren't aware of nor know of it's existence. Tifa, i love you, but it is so confusing and bewildering how you make me feel when i am near you. I can feel your heart beating alongside mine, and i feel your love and i share your love but somehow.. we didn't just mash in naturally as i'd hoped. I know our love is there, but is it because of broken hearts we have thus we also share the wounds and scars of heart breaking memories that never mend? The broken hearts of yesteryears still seem to haunt the both of us... vulnerability never felt so blissful yet painful..

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