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dreams and ambition

Wally Ville was 2 miles away from the ground beneath me. I felt the breeze sighing at me. eyes closed, i felt like the trees around me seem to beam and relax. The branches creaked merrily and the leaves rustled like sand swooshing and for once, i felt happiness that shin-ra did not offer on a silver platter. Could it be that Shin-ra wasn't perfect? My life's experience tells me that they are. The teachings they provide, the food they serve, the care and comfort they show. Are we supposed to want anything else? I did not know what i want, but deep inside, something felt wrong. Is life supposed to be a prolonging of the human race for no reason? If so, shouldn't we be extinct because of our lack of worth and meaning? Am i right, Tifa? I hope not. Ahhh, its just another mangled thought by me of course..

#Personalblog #2008

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