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leader of all but one

Once, i mustered up some heart and dumb to ask Seph for a duel. He was a first class soldier, like Zack, but much more skillful and agile. Seph was the leader of the Shin-ra soldiers, he was the one to beat. His long sword was white as day. It gleamed invitingly, craving for some bitter friction and wear. His eyes were green whereas his hair was snow white. He looked at me with a smug look and all i could feel was my legs suddenly chained with some added weight and my moves appearing ever so rusty and slow. Standing face to face on the roads of Midgar, he seemed like a self-assured soldier, his presence a shocking cold and that of death. The busty felt heavy and i could feel the deepness of Seph's breath urging me to start my futile moves. Taking a step back, my heart skipped half a beat as i started to sprint towards the hallow man. He sauntered around me effortlessly and with such agility i couldn't see his exact movements. It was a white blur with his sword's shine blinding me temporarily. Moment's later, the sword on my hand guided me to a defense as he struck me with strength and an affirmation of utter self belief. With a swipe to the left, followed by an undercut and then jumping for a mid air two handed slice, blocking wields were all i could muster and all i could feel was looming defeat and disbelief that i was still on my feet. Even so, my legs were forced to backtrack under the sheer weight of his blade. His fabled masamume did its job thoroughly, its essence breaking my spirit with its every hack on the buster sword. After some heavy blows with his long sword, alas, he backstepped, withdrew his blade and smiled cynically. Is this a duel or a white wash? you can do better, Cloud.. Seph's laughter resonated as he held up his legendary sword and began charging at me again. Eyes on his blurred image, i sidestepped to my left and took a swipe at his legs. All i saw in seconds was this white figure jumping out of the way and soon i felt his big boot in the face. Bam! I felt the busty leave my hand as i sprawled to the ground on my back. Eyes open, my hands felt the coldness of the granite beneath me and above all, the tip of his masamume looking down at me mockingly into my eyes. I had lost.. Seph was a general of merit, another friend i treasure and i hope to be like a half of him or Zach one day..

#Personalblog #2008

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