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The Beginning

A peaceful world. A beautiful world. A world devoid of sadness. Only dreamers like me and Cloud can affirm to that.. Every day is the start of the rest of our lives, with every breath meaning time has passed and we have wasted it. But this world is supposed to be this way. I like idling at night looking at the stars and hoping that as far as things go, my love for life and simple wishes do not go away. But in a manipulating world, this remains a far-fetched ideal that i hold on to. Hope, it is the audacity of irrational thoughts that seem to be shunned upon today. People have given up on hope, they think life is always realistic and that we are just being childish by hoping. It is true that if you are running an endless maze to get the proverbial wealth that lies ahead, insatiable greed makes hope an audacity. In later chapters, i hope to bring about a thought provoking story that would help myself understand Life. Why are people so greedy? Why is globalisation so worshipped? Are they going in hand in hand or is greed penetrating the idealism of globalisation? We are supposed to help the world but as it seems, only the rich of the world get help. They propagate the chase for endless wealth and we are held by the nose towards an endless pit of worthless and meaningless race. Many have lost their souls and passions in order to get money.. I see emptiness in their eyes as they seem to think money is the meaning of life, but i can't help them because they are lost in their affirmations and misguided passions. Sadly, the rich are winning. The advertisements for peripheral items has never been so robust and effective that most of us are trapped in it. If you think otherwise, chances are you are buying more and more the next day and then doing the empty talk. Thankfully and hopefully, i am not.

#Personalblog #2008

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