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the step

It is another day at wally ville. The sun burns with its passion orange and the world was slowly adjusting. yawns permeate all the towns in the ville. brightened looks sparkle as a new day has come with good weather, good health and good security. the ville was never a source of danger. danger was a forbidden word in our ville. lets call it kula. shin-ra was good at making people feel like their lives were supposed to be a pre-destined conclusion. it was never about making mistakes, but learning about knowledge that seemed to be perversely stolen from somewhere with dubious means. Knowledge, previously regarded as a sacred privillege, is now a given fundamental. Life didn't seem ever so strange... but perhaps if you look around, the world we know is heading towards it at this breath and wake. Humans, we are governed by laws, cold words that share no emotions, no sorrow, no happiness, no smell and no biasness and these words are upheld so as to keep us safe. no longer do we base our decisions on our conscience, but on thoughts of others. it feels weird to be so protected and one starts to wonder why is he being so shelled in? I always knew murder is a sin. i always knew stealing was wrong. why do we need laws to uphold them and not on our conscience? i do not like people to think the worst of me, nor do i want to be pessimistic about the world, but life should be determined by our actions, not by the legacy of others, right? did they want us to not think and focus on something else? what do we need to focus on? Everyone wants to feel productive, but is it necessary? Its all just things to do.. no consequences, no reason, no plan. Do we need that much time to prepare for an unpredictable life, or can we just experience it as it is?

#Personalblog #2008

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