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alas, it was his turn, to be strapped to a chair, eyes wide open and in them i saw sheer panic; an emotion, something absent from the belligerent beast for a long time. the laws of the land had protected people like him from enduring the proper demise they so endearingly deserve, but not in that moment. not when i held the key to his release. it must be said that he practically strapped himself to the chair and threw the key at my feet by staying alive, but i knew better than to let him wreck havoc in the civilised world.

the night was nigh, in it was organised madness in the city. people had paid over the odds for a movie night with tramps,and some sang in the streets along to the latest overbearing pop songs. in bars and pubs, the clinking of glasses were only overwhelmed by the sound of shattering bottles and shouts of way-over-their-heads teenagers. young zipsters without the scars and lessons of their immediate, slightly older and increasingly subservient ne'er do wells. nonetheless all affairs seemed to be in their place, with, interestingly, a flamboyant party done up by the jimmy's happening at the heart of the city.

lights. cameras. women.

in her room, breathing heavily, she had taken a few anti-depressants and mini-tranquillizers. it was never enough to calm her nerves down. affairs never fail to distraught me, she thought. her hands shook in the effect of a substantial amount of caffeine that would have worked rigorously on an elephant. the time was 3.45am, the parties were slowly fading out and people streamed out of the holes they were in and back into the holes from which they came from and in the deepest black of the night, "bruce" took a few more shots of tequila and peered into the city from her tower up high.

no more disenfranchised maniacs if not i will become one and rid the city of all its agony. she stared at him with a craziness in her eyes unprecedented. blood dripped on the floor was thicker than the split merlot. time was running out.

#Personalblog #2012

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