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a new responsibility

with great power comes great responsibility. so they say it so many times its an overused innuendo. what i found was that there never was great power. there never was. in that night we danced it was a wondrous thing. her feminine self was in flux and my masculine play worked its way into her heart. we traded drinks and we traded hearts. i can hardly breathe and they couldn't see it. they were the ones watching and smiling and doing what they can. they were the ones whose place i wanted illuminated too. when it ended the way it did and i left with a broken heart was inevitable, for sometimes there were no choices we can make. today was this self discovery. did we ever have any power so to speak? i loved through my skin and gave it all i could to work something out and how is that ever unjustified? we love and we do and we play and that means we have even more different abilities to do things in our stead. we worked and we worked and this meant so much more than anyone could say a power play. whilst uncle ben gave the idea of great power, i saw different abilities, and hopefully that means there are more ways than one to be. a new responsibility to juggle people and self in a masterful show of grace and humility. yes this is a new responsibility that we have to work into a reality so we can care and love and do all we can in the persons we are. i am done trying to chase a perfection of others and i hope they are done trying to make others 'perfect' in a whim and there can be a way. there is a way and i am a custodian of this way. -j

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