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a wonderful lady

do not worry my lady. all these pauses, they will all work out fine. the most important thing is that you will always be the shining light, a prominence undiminished by life. i, amongst others, will fall on the side, faltering in our true selves, trying to be the persons we always were, but my eyes will always move to your grace. you dance all night, playing a songstress or a princess, and that's all the people i need to admire, to acknowledge and to breathe in. it is okay if and when you find that significant someone, and it is okay (not great of course) for me to not have the luxury of your attention, but that was never more than a faint wish at all. sometimes, you look at me as if with so much promise, but all i can offer is admiration and my adoration of you, nothing more than a brief blemish on your fame. you imagine all sorts of persons one can be, and you may wish it all on people deserving, and i thank you so deeply for that. unfortunately, i am not the great man you see, and there is no chance that man will come to be. i love you in all the sense of the word, but i don't want to be with you with all the sense of the same word. love to me never was possession of beautiful glass of wine. it is my acknowledgement that you are everything's that right, but that does not require anything other than your beauty that rises into the stratosphere. i wish i was in a position where loving you was the most effortless, but it isn't. it is an uphill task for me to do so in this incarnation of imperfection that i have yet to master. do not misunderstand the strength of your beauty, and do not misunderstand the idea of you. i look at you with adoration always, and may it be one day someone will love you limitlessly, effortlessly and genuinely. i will never be that guy for sure, because i know my limitations in understanding things and said angels, but my adoration for you will never change. my support for the idea of you will always stay. you are the only person to affect me in every way. you are my wonderful lady.

#Personalblog #2014

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