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Another man in a sea of men

He had no wings. He wore no smile. His feet were feet and his shine was dull. He was not the picturesque illusion people put them out as. He was just a person of a pure heart, a kind heart and a loving soul. His smile had been eroded away by the apathy the world shares with him but his heart remained a resolute tank that would not falter. Or it seems that way..

The man with blue eyes wore a tattered crimson cloak not for a warm cuddle, but for, surprisingly, the a tinge of mystery. You could see that he was a jovial guy when he was himself, because of the things he did. He took the little moments of sweet normalcy and added spice to it with a slick touch. His hands wore jet black gloves which went great with a thick bandanna wrapped around his forehead bearing a shade of brown. A rugged thug, typical yet easy on the eyes.

"We give you a bang for your buck, mister, monsieur, mystico," smarted the bald patched man with a smile, and a tummy to go with a full face. The beads of fortune, the crafts of a decently obscure blacksmith and a few assorted accessories were laid out on a make shift table, and at first, Vincent saw nothing that went with his wandering mind. It was then, an exquisite shine of a glittering blood red stone buried inside the tsunami of items arrested his attention. It was a Materia.. A Materia bearing the blood of the Lifestream.

A rare Bahamut for the beholder of said rune.

"This will go with my collections", said the red man. With a pinch of haggling, an ounce of bickering and a tinge of gold to go along with a lucky sword paid upfront, the gem was safely slotted into the man's coat pocket. A satisfied Vincent smiled tiredly at the glistening eyes of a happy-go-lucky trader and was soon on his way.

"Items of fortune for your choice and wants" gushed the jiggly man.. His bellowing grew softer and softer as the angel drifted further and further away from the black market of Tam Pai.

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