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coloured kids in neon worlds

the namesake of sweet pop indie boys and girls, jilted with songs and gimmickry. behind the make up and shadowed eyes were dark humor in his arsenal and he sang the grim and the stark on goings much like a commensurate pop song ala goosenecks. but they represented so much more underneath superficial foundations in sight. a growing phenomenon of black kids is stark and their humor chilling. a potent mix of bland ignorance and a blatant disregard for their lives, they live everyday literally as their last, held back a little by washed up parents, and not for long. the kids had their slick dance moves and many groovy hairdos, they did their struts in profligacy, eyes and features of a dark rubbery poker face. they do because they can, it was never a must. pretty faces and checkered minds, they had a snort and a holier than thou mind never one to back down from senseless battery, a bloodied nose as valentine, romance of a different animal no longer lions and felines snakes and coyotes ahoy! pretty faces and checkered minds.

#Personalblog #2010

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