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confessions of a cantankerous cat

dear j,

you remind me not of a feeling to love, but an impulse to search and destroy your every fibre and trickery. you encompass everything that i hate, a pompous ideal with a severe detachment from reality. you think you are so clever, with your sleight of hand and crazy eyes. you are in my.. ha.. discretion and i will not stop till you are utterly broken. on the edge of your insanity. crying for reprieve to the walls that hear nothing. i will not make you feel empowered, for you do not deserve anything. or anyone. for what you will do. for what path i am sure you will not deviate from. how do i know? well.. its just a hunch. but a clever hunch. speak no further. for this reality is what we have got left, there is nothing else.

yours sincerely with love,

yarmeri "bruce" enna

#Personalblog #2012

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