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Discontinuity (Tentative)

The things that mattered so much in the past doesn't seem to matter anymore. Things that i take pride in seem to be covered by piles and piles of lies, deceit, hate and the normalcy towards attitudes enabling this situation is appalling. No longer is the simple heart prized as in an old fairy tale, it is now an era of deception to distract us from what is important, which is living a good life, not a wealthy one, not a glamourous one, but a self-fulfilling one. Why can't people of different personalities be treated the same way as people of different religion? Society and its ethics are now the sleazes of infamy. Deception is king in a world of greed. Or so governments, institutions that my country holds dear tells me. The technologies reaped are never going to be equally shared, and a reality of a jarring class divergence is really just a providence pending. Love is scarce in this world. I still neglect some warm love because exploitation of anything beautiful or anyone wonderful is just not my style, but society beseeches us to exploit, to use, to make full use of anything we see, touch, hear and not let our needs dictate our actions. Sooner or later, we are going to exploit every resource left just so as to prevent another person from exploiting, or just so that we can protect our human nature; greed. And then we will see the futility of our meaningless and sad lives as ugly humans with a pretty outer cast, but a hollow and empty heart that only exploits, not love, not care, not anything but a greed that poisons us as we poison others.

#Personalblog #2008

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