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i wanted to piece words that made sense as much as they made points. it was the only thing that i wanted to do that day, saturday afternoon, in the corner of my world. i am afraid of humans because they always have agendas, but words alone do not have and do not command agendas. the objective is to win, and if i were to win, i must have good letters and the other guy must be a loser. Ah the word is substance. No S :( i give up this round. the claustrophobic guy went to the store to get himself a gun to shoot himself in the head, but he realises that he would be stuck in a rut. what if i shot myself and then saint peters lock me in a small room? ah, the word that is off my tongue is now in my world from that guy. he is no longer part of my imagination and i got the word i needed. I R O N Y. 5 points, 1 point et cetera. 36 points to win. another one in the bag, day in the shop, cliches. C L I C H E S. points and points earned are like silver wings on my chest; M E D A L. all this is fun and all, but my letters this time do not make orgasmic connection with me; E F F E T E. lets tango in the sunset; C R A Z Y, or stay in the rousing wind and enjoy; C A L M.

#Personalblog #2009

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