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a show of sorts. an exaggerated show of sincerity and permanence. how stupid was i? colours fill the world. emotions interpret the colours and blue was her. E wore a baby blue when she brought her existence from her world into his. A shade of blue on her body that was very light, a sky worn into her like a coat. Only if you do strain your eyes to notice her more, the blue of her eyes will betray an intensity like day to night. it began with a whisper. do you come here often? (no i don't. i'm a drifter. i'm a dreamer lost in a real world. i don't know where to start, where to move, the man gave me many things, a sense of direction he forgot.) yes i do. i'm E. they sat apart, a wall apart perhaps in distance, worlds apart definitely. i ask only of friendship, anything else is a privilege. any fibre in you a blessing if you think of me as someone other than a stranger. i meant it. i really did. unspoken words. friends in bond began with helping each other in everything virtually. and by virtually i mean the boundaries are very pronounced, real life and reel life were to be very sobering. in reality, emotions do not register as important for we are the best of who we think we are, and the best of who we are discount emotions as extravagence. in the reel world, we are led by emotion, for we do not get utterly humiliated by being vulnerable in thought. we are human. we switch off, sometimes. im D. she's E. (we're wasting our free time together..) sweet.

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