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monster jack's cartoon on schools..

the fences rise high as they go, surrounding the compound to keep things out, and i might feel, things in. the emptiness in the compound is chilling and can hardly bear anyone sane, but it can also hold on to those who are empty inside. i feel so scared of that place and i am not scared of most things.. i used to wonder how people there can be so empty and feel so falsely good about themselves but i decided not to and endure as much as i could. whenever i couldn't, i leave the place risking slam and shrills of pained heartlessness and the prying eyes of the sulken who lurk there. i couldn't give a god's damn. i feared this place alot. the genuine smiles i saw in their faces slowly faded to that of a sad smile, to an uncertain one and finally, a fake one which was icy cold. if i could run, i would take away, leaving them behind, and as much as i could feel ashamed that i should, i wouldn't mind. i didn't want to have them tag along, and i know they are probably too scared to tag along, so i kept my distance from their shrills, their sadness, even though it left me also in sadness, but not much in time to come. they taunt and sneer, sarcas and sly, gossip and hollow their eyes and made me feel out of place, and i bit my teeth and kept my distance, but was still iced by their empty souls, their prickly selves. and pretense they walled up complemented their sly and cunning. i was utterly beaten in their presence. again, i kept my distance and gave a facade to tank their spears and poison. i survived and left it for good. i still fear this place alot.

#Personalblog #2009

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