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Sorry for the insane

The man was young and brimming. He was the best of them all, but, perhaps, being alone at the top might not be the prized outcome anyone wants. The lack of challenge is stark and the openness to criticism damning. Must we all strive so hard towards such a tasteless outcome? He weaved a sword that ran down his waist and extended a long way out, and despite its lean and long built, it was indestructible, just as the man was. They were the living legends of their time. A deep ponder into the world was a certainty for anyone who was as intellectual as he was skilled in all things mundane. He made swordplay look extraordinary and made anything done, reading a book, telling a joke, into a thing that is desired. But then again, when we look deep into this world, what are we fighting for? The survival of sloths? The queue to nothingness? The love that is fleecing as it is fleeting? A wrong step or should I say, a misrun of secular thought, and the nothingness that suddenly alerts the nimble mind might drive anyone into madness. "We breathe, but we do not live." "We love, but it is never enough, it never sustains. It goes away and we are left reeling in defeat." "We fight and petty over small things that, in the end, make no difference to our lives." Even a mentally strong Sephiroth couldn't resist the indulgence of foul thought and it spreaded into his life, his veins, his breath, his love but most of all, his passion and desire.. This world is so sad. It shouldn't live. Everyone fights for futility and only get it when they die in no honour. They do not know the lack of worth in their plies and they should not suffer unnecessary pains. They deserve the end of my blade in their throats. I should end all misery. They deserve nothing less. HeHeHeHe.... *sniggers* HAHAHAHAHA.. *laughter that chilled the bones* The only solace the world could feel was that Sephiroth wasn't a god, but the world should be afraid, for nothing is a certainty in time's passing, even the absurd morality and wild imaginations.. Humans have more power than they can ever imagine..

#Personalblog #2008

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