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Tainted words galore

Words used to have a sacred and unique meaning to them. However, as society progresses, does it regress at the same time? Words that used to hold meaning and worth seem to be cheapen by the readily available knowledge that is free to share, free to indulge in, free to manipulate and free to abuse.

When i say i am sorry, I mean it. However, in the eyes of others, sorry is a word that is used without pre-conditions. It is no longer a reward upon self-reflecting. It is now just a thing to say. Why is society so accustomed to exploitation, so used to cheapen things that it doesn't even treat a language with the respect the language should command. The power of authority in words are no longer absolute. The severity of lies are now diluted by the sheer number of false truths bandied around like food that we are so used to it we are reliant on lies to live a normal life.

Now, when i see the word Pure, it doesn't strike as pure anymore. It strikes as a tainted word that is not important at all. Manipulation has seeped into society, so much so words, meaning are lost in order to render our existence insignificant. We need to change. Not because of me, but because of our segregation from the nobility of life. Perhaps it was not meant to be a noble existence, but i am god damn sure our existence shouldn't be that of a cheap person, loose values, a pretentious bastard and a fickle mouth's indulgence.

I myself have been tainted by the belligerent community.

#Personalblog #2008

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