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tell me what to do

in life, you can only follow your gut that much. you trust in it that you will find a way, you will get there. you don't know what you don't know but you do your best to set that aside. you do your best to follow your heart.

i hate this. hearts are biased, blind and obstinate. we try to accommodate it, and it cries so much that it is the best choice we can make, and i agree, but surely there could be some other way that doesn't strip me away my knees, brush away my cheeks, holding me out to dry in the blistering wind.

in any case, the roller coaster has been amazing, i live a full life. too many emotions that i appreciate so much, too many moments of pure joy. tell me what else to do. if i die following my heart, so be it. this ride is long, and i don't feel spent, for renewal is rudimentary. and i pray this be so time and time again.

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