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the belle and her snow

the day was young, a girl was dressed in white pinafore and a bonnet and she went around looking for snowdrops in this winter morning. she had met a wrinkly lady one day and told her all about snowdrops. The woman asked her why was she looking for snowdrops and what did they look like and she replied that it was for her grandma and that her grandma told her that snowdrops gave good luck to those who found one. It had small white petals and morning dew, she carried on, and then she left the lady with a smile on her. carrying a basket, she walked into the garden you two went and then into the heart of it where she saw only pine trees, snow and nothing else. lost for a while, hungry, she crumbled into tears and sniffed but she didn't cry. belles do not cry, grandma said that and she knows. she saw no one who could comfort her, and so she decided to stop shedding tears and looked around for signs, for headway to go home but she couldn't. she looked to the ground before her and saw only white snow, and then she looked to her left and there it was, a small flower with a green stem and dew resting on its lips. it looked deliciously dreamy in a patch of snow and faun and so she plucked it and called it snow. snow seemed to reassure her and she felt happy and lucky so long as it was with her. alas, she walked and found her way out of the park and they danced into the beyond in the sun set.

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