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the Broken

i say, the way you move just takes my breath away. Sarah, i love you forever.. broken glass and faded photographs littered the carpeted floor of an empty apartment. The door was left ajar, as if memories left inside it was deemed worthless, when the guy left. Sobs of grief came from a room hidden behind the wall of the living room, but there was no guardian angel for this one broken heart. Misery was left amok and fallen tears burned at the good times they had. Most girls could recover in time, but not this girl. Devil's touches had grimmed her spiralling emotions, blacken her pure heart in its core, and loneliness that accompanied the devil swept the room, driving away a young girl's sanity deep into the void she was left with when he left. All this, still could be saved by angels of mercy, but the heaven today seemed a terribly cold stone that laid unmoved by mortally blues.. A black day when a pure heart turned into a crazed core of hollowness that howled like a hungry wolf and a beauty with vicious eyes and intentions unpure. She stood up with a sinister smile, a broken heart and yet step by step, only angst compelled her on. The walking of a broken.

#Personalblog #2009

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