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the genesis of saying noes and finding some workable ways!

we are the ones bore under edison's light. shaped by elders with a very different life. they say life now seems easy, when its actually complex and demanding, always asking more from us than previously was, always persuading us to do that bit more, and now when stars are out, we look upon the past in awe, the way they said their lives were hard, when simple things were done not stacked, when simple gestures meant love or hate, and now its just rudimentary stuff. i wish sometimes life weren't so hard for everyone, where love is now so large, the simple joys are no longer celebrated, you must think until you die or its not love. what is love if only work and no play, where people are parched with thoughts of dismay. there must be good amidst this rottish mess, for i cannot accept that this is the deal, this is not the end!

#Personalblog #2014

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