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The girl without a face

In this world, pretense is a word brimming with irony. We associate it with fake and negativity but on the other hand, we behave as 'professionals' in front of others, pretend to be brave in the face of adversity and other positive outlooks that do not pull at the heart strings. Somehow, pretentious is bad whereas being professional is good and then we go and admire actors who pretend their entire lives away. Why is this world so self-contradicting? We believe in theories, but theories are seldom right. We believe in love, but love is a non-existent yay nay. We believe in god but he is never physically there. And we condemn others who share the same mentality as us for reasons beyond my understanding. Reasons so absurd you just don't want to repeat it out because you sound foolish even by saying it out loud. This girl wore a mental mask in a mental world. Everyone was faceless in this world. She wore a good heart but wasn't popular. The girls who were popular had colours to their faceless faces. The girl was lost in this world. This was a world that rejects and yet stays alluring enough for you to not let go. Dinner after dinner, a young faceless girl went around typing to whoever would see that she was only being herself. But in a faceless world, people are still superficial. Surely she cannot be beautiful with her lack of cunning and smart! They only want results. They only want themselves. The girl was a fool who thought that hard work was the first step to acceptance. Another girl wore a faceless mask and roamed in said world. She had colours to her faceless mask and makeup to make her stand out. Beauty! They exclaimed. Is it even important? And then they look for ways to put her down, just as they did for everyone else. The girl became a diva she wanted. Every girl wanted to be important and paid attention to. The first girl also walks the path, thinking that the futility of life is bogus. She finds love bumping her way around.. We live in this world. Acceptance is probably the only way to live a perfect life. But what is acceptance? Giving up yourself or accepting yourself and others for who you and they are..? Do we have to change ourselves just so that others will accept us? Or do we accept others and hope others accept us for who we are. Hope is scarce in a real world. I still hope.

#Personalblog #2008

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