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the Vacuums

It was night time in the city of Tokyo. It is now infamous for all its purple coloured and rated entertainment that burns the eyes of some and also burned the hearts of many passionate hot bloods. To many men wandering the streets, hoping to earn the extra buck so as to survive in an urban jungle, they emptied their conscience at the workplace they go and emptied their values for the sake of a moment's pleasure and quick cash to live a luxurious life. Girls after girls are tricked into acts of monstrousities in the promise of fame, blackmails, safety and many cooked up garbage served by empty hollows for eyes in those ugly humans. They even raise girls for these acts of immorality.. The city of Tokyo sparkled with colours in the night, lit by beautiful neons and fluorescents but the heart of Tokyo was ailing due to its monsters for people. Day by day, night by night, monsters resembling vacuums, suck the life out of Tokyo, leaving behind crushed hopes, innocent victims and emptiness never seen before.

#Personalblog #2009

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