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They say perfectionist, i say maniac

One has to be careful, when choosing choice words to describe one's propensities. I believe that a man has many propensities, for this and that, for good and bad, but how do we even begin to define a person based on her propensities? If you reread the above statement, you find the propensity of me to think things through before writing. Perhaps you find a propensity for me to be too dramatic. Perhaps you find a propensity of me to be too careful. All those opinions are valid only to the extent that they are speculative share guesses. How do we quantify these noises into a definition of a person? I believe we can, and I believe that's a challenge well overdue its awesomeness.

A person's choice is a part of her, and a person's thoughts are another part. We define people from the choices they make, which is the only logical way to quantify their person, because it's operation is based on facts. However, we require to at least show we care enough to consider their thoughts, and that is the hardest part. When you saw me using the proverbial person as a woman, you automatically think its about love. However, the truth of it all was that I wanted to ignore the stereotype of a proverbial person, but I am careful not to overplay it. It is not a problem at all, and I wanted to have some fun, so that's the basis of my factual decision. If you had defined me based on your interpretation of my factual decision, you may have thought I am dramatic, but you would have trivialised the absolute formlessness of life. You may ask then, how do you define a person adequately from which you base your affected choices based on crossing the paths of their fates?

I have two answers, either accept that a definition will always be flawed, or have faith. When you define a person, I wish you always take their choices into serious considerations. Maybe then you look a little into what they thought, but just a little. If their choices are always in line with your beliefs, you may actually see the point in having faith! But having faith is too rudimentary for which I can base any nice writing on, so I should focus on the former: definitions. :D

How do you define a person! Good lord you describe everything else except defining a person you writhing old goon. Yes you are right, and that will be part of my attempt to be comprehensive. It is my strength and flaw. We make decisions knowing that it has its considered affections. Most of us intellectually arrogant types that is. I shall define this type of arrogance, because I do not feel it is the perfect way to engage life. It is a way, to think through each action and correlation. Some do not, which is perhaps more intellectually considered, because it means you make more decisions and something gets done very fast.

Now we have two basic definitions of a person if you hadn't noticed. We can proceed on from there. Decisions made, maybe a bit of generality of remorse, happiness, anger, recluse, hostility, rashness. sadness. We can base these tests to define a person adequately, for those affects are the only things we need to engage them on any basis. The rest is up to providence, fate, destiny, probability and of course good sense.

Can you see how kray kray this nut has been? ^-^

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