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to my recommended textbook,

as and when we start to recognise the fact that we're worlds apart, and that we'll never understand each other as we should, maybe that's the best time to not do what other people will do in a sheer need for easy comfort. for this reality is possibly the happiest choice we can make when the alternatives will likely end up as a roller coaster that will wrangle out all the hopes and illusions that we have left for a better future. chances are i might be wrong, but i doubt it. very much so. i do apologise sincerely. i withdraw my confessions and condemn you to be left on the bookshelf at this time. a place where you most certainly don't belong and will likely be picked up by a worthier student of your heart. another who has a keen eye for a flawed diamond; a person equipped with tools to bring out your beauty with his talent. i believe this with all my heart.

#Personalblog #2011

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