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Wa Zaa

they knew about the impending funny. he kept a rubber face, not divulging his secret wa zaa! it was all about the showmanship. all in moments of surgical precision and prim execution. he dropped his hat in jest and curtsy, looked at the front, saw many people eyeing his secrets. yes you deserve many compliments, sporting and rowdy, what would i do without you guys? now.. he clears his throat, all the way smiling, grins and says who of you know about the guy who willied the world? no it wasn't bernie, nor was it bush. it was elvis. he once sang about wise men and their woes, but did he mention that he sang their woes into a million bucks? he willied them, he willied me, he took our hearts away. that is one beautiful swindler and lets give a cheer to the great man. a wonderful friend in a lonesome night. they chuckled. he wasn't that fuuunny, but lets see what he continues with.. people.. people.. i know your woes. money. time. women. guys, did you ever wonder if all your troubles conspire to benefit you with experience and wisdom. i always learn something from a bad experience. for instance, never let go of your iphone even for a million bucks. if someone pointed a gun at you, its better to take your chances because there's just too much saved inside. photos, contacts, information about the invisible affairs. yes, i will chew off his arm if he even touches my iphone, which i dont have as of yet. yes i probably will gnaw the arm of the person handling my first iphone just to set it straight im a mean mother fucker when it comes to a storage device. -j

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