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what's yours is yours mentality

dear sanity, i like to use this term alot because its the only way to get around sticky situations such as talking and understanding without actually doing any of the mentioned(not exhaustive) virtues. i realise it is a very fleeting remark that deserves little attention because its not true that we can and "should" get our way eventually without understanding why we want things done that way in the first place. hence, i do not doubt the wisdom behind these words BUT only in applicable conditions that are not beyond reasonable doubt. a) you must be sick with fever and ear infection and feel like if you leave the house for more than 2 hours to do the necessary hard work you will die of exhaustion or physical dissimilation. b) you must have a headache so acute that you start raving and ranting about anything from politics to healthcare just to ease the pain inside. c) you are a terrifying person who has read the wrong books and followed the wrong media for too long. sanity, art thou friend of johnny? sincerely, johnnyb

#Personalblog #2011

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