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Who am I?

"I am a soldier. A second class soldier below my friend Zach. Zach, how is it like to be a swash-buckling first-o? i guess it must be pretty awesome. If i had a purpose in life, i would probably want to be like you. You are important, you are resolute, you are good at what you do and you never complain about your passionate obstacles. Zach, do things ever go wrong in Wally Ville. Kula never seemed like a reality. It is a myth isn't it? Monsters and demons are a folklore to scare people like me to toe our lines, right? I guess that much. I miss you Zach, you have been gone since forever and i am lost without a friend to confide in."

Am i who i think i am? Around me is debris. I am staring at the coloured artsy glass ceiling of a church, flat on my back. How did i end up in this place? I do not remember leaving Wally Ville at any time. This sanctuary seems to strike a chord with my lingering heart, but i only remember Wally Ville definitely. And you of course, Zach. And Tifa. Did something bad happen? I am feeling lots of pain and fear and angst that i cannot comprehend. Happiness has deserted this soldier for some reason.

Later, I got out of this calm and found my way a nearby town that feels close and yet so strangely foreign. The town here seems dead. The faces i met had glum and despair in them, their eyes so dark it arrests my attention every time i look at them. No wait, i met a girl. A beautiful girl.

#Personalblog #2008

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