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You said it wasn't true (part 1)

There was no sound, no wind, no movement and no feelings in the air. No one was at this place.. alive. A sea of red seemed to have flooded the town, leaving it bloodied and so foul that it would warn anyone that the town could bear no one. The smell was revolting and the emptiness and nothingness was arrestingly cold. Days passed, and still, no wind, no birds, and nothing moved. I wasn't one of those people who had loving parents. I wasn't one of those who looked for jobs to find answers rather than question. I had a guardian who took me in as a virtual orphan. I had freedom, love, care and things that i need and don't need. I was lucky nonetheless. It has been years since I visited my hometown. I miss her. I miss the smiles. I dreamt of them and I am on my way to Yamei. The old man who loved me as his own had a funky smell. Old people smell, is what me and Zack called it. He was the most gentle human being on Earth, and he cared more than anyone, including girls, could. He had his logic, his quirkiness and philosophies but he never failed to listen to my views, my beliefs and my imaginations. My guardian, Yuhuan, on the other hand, was a fierce lady. She was beautiful but protective of me as I hadn't the strength to do so. She was the mother I never had. Many men mistook me as her own and still asked her out, but she was never lucky with love. Maybe i was her jinx, but she loved me all the same. Time aged a beautiful girl into a demure and self-assured lady and she seems to grow shorter as i grew taller. Her frown everytime i did something wrong grew deeper into her forehead and i still feel guilty of making her fume every time. When we decided that i were to join Shin-ra to be a soldier, i saw the droplets of tears in her eyes when she was at our little cottage door, waving at me as i left with my gunny sack. I knew she was proud of me. Now I am a Soldier and no longer a recruit, she must be ecstatic. I haven't gotten a letter from her for months, but she used to send them every week. Her old lady's scent still lingers in my mind. Ah Yu, will you remember me? I love you so much, and like the old man once said, without pre-conditions.

#Personalblog #2008

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