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obsessions made by artificial stimulants

these rascals should have known better,

that ideas were only beginnings,

not the end of stories,

that the journeys in between are priceless,

that we will not relent for the short paths..

please do not misunderstand me,

in light of a fading obsession,

that your beauty is insufficient,

that you should feel lesser in spite,

for those thoughts simply aren't true,

and hateful if you thought so.

we miss so many things,

and long for love in many journeys,

but life is all about choices,

a social judgment of what we do,

regardless of thoughts.

lets leave divinity's test till the end,

and forget that labels mean anything,

for if love was supposed to be reckless to your heart,

for if labels were supposed to hold meaning,

then it never be the time of the hour.


#Personalblog #2013

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