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If it was the last thing you do

You could feel your chest tighten as the day drew towards the close. You felt like you should have done more than you have but the body you are in was spent beyond belief. Having taken a look at the time, it was already past midnight. Maybe it is then thoughts otherwise lost in the noise surge in your mind, as you ventured into the what ifs and such questions. Could the person do more without feeling the struggle? Was it that much to ask for to be a bit more accomplished? To feel it, to step in the shoes of those in the colours of the world, grasping their microphones as they sang about their hopes and dreams. Certainly it felt surreal, like a mirage. A normal person would surely want to climb down from that frenzied state, just sit there and take it all in. He would have told himself, you know what, you might not have succeeded today, but it doesn't matter. It is not up to you to choose what works. You do your best and the rest will take care of itself.

The truth was that we love the struggle, to be always chasing and feeling less than worthy about our pursuits. The doors we have to choose, they press on as time passes, and time waits for no one. Choose now, if you must. Choose now, and forever hold your peace.

#Personalblog #2016

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