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The things that survive

The inevitability of failure is written like the first verse of a love song. It begins with a sweet undertone, and progresses into the core of the tune. The fear of Failure, the dread and then finally acceptance. Those were the subjects of the day.

You wonder why it happened, or why people didn't care. When everything was on the up and up, just not how you'd thought. It took a turn towards the bad, for all the right reasons given you made all the wrong moves. Nasty. That was the fall from grace.

It then turned to the bystander, me, and I wondered why we suffer the living, based not on our own folly, for we have toed the lines forever. No it was not our folly, that we suffer the living, only because the other side was blind to everything. Despair. That is the realisation that you are not the capitan of your destiny, not if you live in their shadow, comforted with all the things they say to imply that they care. No, that was not the end of me.

I survived. Having seen and lived through such foolish behaviour before. It is not new, and what we thought of as inevitability was just a soft cry. We are roaches for god sake, we survive, we endure, and we will thrive.

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