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The world is in constant, and it varies for everything. We have seen heroes rising from ash, it all depends on perspective. There is true struggle in this world, and it creates the best of us after sieving through the debris, and there is comfort in knowing this. You might ask, Mister Chase what do you mean?

I say that things happen because its nature, and when we see human nature, and how people emerge from obscurity, this is no accident, this is nature as intended. The promise of this is that humans are able to adapt to anything, and can provide compelling solutions to real problems when they arise. There is never perfection in the world, but we can rest assure that if we allow human nature to endure, things like credit, travel, satisfaction, love, desire, lukewarm, repulsion, hatred all settle in a balance, as they need to be.

We exist to make these choices and progress. These are not new things, they are our history and they belong with us, for this is our nature, and it is as natural as the sky is blue. We should not deny our existence to be one with nature, as it is to be human. There is no difference, and this is the truth I see.

#Personalblog #2017

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