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The art of helplessness

It wouldn't be unusual to trust that many of us are taught that you know what, if you want something, go for it, why not? What's the worst that could happen! They never mentioned that some doors open once, and if you aren't doing it the first time, its not going to be there when you circle back. That's fate, and that's something I wrestle with everyday, knowing that it is not so simple as to prove your naked bravado rushing at the mirages that seem so real its touchable, yet if you are not careful, you fall into the traps set for you, for those audacious enough to try.

You would have thought that as adept as we are in skipping past hot plates and lava, the brain would decide, hey, its a treacherous time, lets be careful about hot blooded rushes into each chance at gold dust. No it doesn't, and people rush in, thinking its their birthright, and its amazing to see this. Humans not fearing failure, but most who do not learn a single thing, even if they have 20 years of falling and scars to prove they did fall. These people get mixed with people who succeeded and failed, and adjusted with their perspective as to what to pursue, it seems like they are one and the same.

This is an art, to be able to free oneself from that sweet nectar of bravado sprints, just because of a brain's refusal to accept that in life, there is always going to be a degree of helplessness, there is always going to be a simmer, you can just let it linger so long it keeps you alert, always trying one way or another to punch back. That's the art. That's love. That's passion.

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