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The Spiral

They offered us drinks if we were to trade in the colour of our skin, or the shirts off our backs. Those looked like incredibly easy choices, but that was their sleight of hand. In the giddiness of the wonders, Sparrow was poised to be as relentless as she could be, if the hold was not firm. She wanted to explore everything, and try anything, and that was her nature. I watched by her side, and in the middle of it all was washed into the frenzy of the smog myself as we entered the casino. It was one of unassuming beauty, peril, and the bright colours were intoxicating. She did small bets, and was easily disappointed. I however was taken to a machine of gadgets, and started making bets bigger than each loss. It was an easy spiral..

#Personalblog #2017 #SparrowChase

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