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A book review of In Bt.!

"This book is one of its own, I must tell you. The author veered from the well traveled path of direct storytelling and traversed into the abstract form. I am not sure if everyone will love this approach though. But for those who will, it is a book to be read and pondered upon.

The musings of Purplepants

The author commences the book by discussing angels and devils, speaks of the wrong placement of hope, deceit and lies in this barbaric world as he goes on and ends it with talks of love. The book is like a psychological analysis of everything we experience at some point in our life and the author has cleverly spun the story around it. Though it’s good rambling but sometimes it derails you from the story. At the same time what makes this book so worthy is the fact that we have all the life lessons that we would ever experience handed out to us in a binded glossy folder.

‘In Bt’ gives you a peek into author’s personality and you connect with him on a subconscious level. He presents the world as it is today without sugarcoating the bitter delicacies.

I think if you are one for psychology, satire or looking for a different perspective of the world you reside in, this book is worth the read."

You can find PurplePants on her blog where she has reviewed some interesting books of a varied genre mix and she also has a facebook page @purplepantsblog.

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