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A dark fantasy reviewed

"Sometimes I find unique books to read. That’s what I found in the book, In Bt., by James Kidac. It’s an adult fantasy book that I wanted to share with my followers. It’s a different kind of fantasy book that builds a world of angels and demons in between our own. It is written in the unique perspective of one of the angels, sort of like X-Files meets Touched by An Angel, but edgier.

Akira is an angel that lives in the between of the real world. Yet, he functions in the real world, looking and searching for the hope of humanity. He battles other creatures, demons and wizards, almost in the D& D fights I imagined when younger. But he’s lost trying to find himself, and has settled in a puzzling niche for himself, keeping the balance for humanity. That’s when he meets her, and the sparks fly.

This unique dark fantasy has a literary voice that gives Akira an interesting perspective. It takes a while to get drawn into the world, but once you do, it starts to latch onto your perceptions of reality, dark versus evil, light versus good, and how it all hangs in the balance. It will be a great addition to your dark fantasy bookshelf."

You can find Tiffany and her impeccable list of children's book recommendations and reviews at

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