Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.

Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leader of all but one

Once, i mustered up some heart and dumb to ask Seph for a duel. He was a first class soldier, like Zack, but much more skillful and agile. Seph was the leader of the Shin-ra soldiers, he was the one to beat.

His long sword was white as day. It gleamed invitingly, craving for some bitter friction and wear. His eyes were green whereas his hair was snow white. He looked at me with a smug look and all i could feel was my legs suddenly chained with some added weight and my moves appearing ever so rusty and slow. Standing face to face on the roads of Midgar, he seemed like a self-assured soldier, his presence a shocking cold and that of death.

The busty felt heavy and i could feel the deepness of Seph's breath urging me to start my futile moves. Taking a step back, my heart skipped half a beat as i started to sprint towards the hallow man. He sauntered around me effortlessly and with such agility i couldn't see his exact movements. It was a white blur with his sword's shine blinding me temporarily. Moment's later, the sword on my hand guided me to a defense as he struck me with strength and an affirmation of utter self belief. With a swipe to the left, followed by an undercut and then jumping for a mid air two handed slice, blocking wields were all i could muster and all i could feel was looming defeat and disbelief that i was still on my feet. Even so, my legs were forced to backtrack under the sheer weight of his blade. His fabled masamume did its job thoroughly, its essence breaking my spirit with its every hack on the buster sword. After some heavy blows with his long sword, alas, he backstepped, withdrew his blade and smiled cynically.

Is this a duel or a white wash? you can do better, Cloud..

Seph's laughter resonated as he held up his legendary sword and began charging at me again. Eyes on his blurred image, i sidestepped to my left and took a swipe at his legs. All i saw in seconds was this white figure jumping out of the way and soon i felt his big boot in the face.

Bam! I felt the busty leave my hand as i sprawled to the ground on my back. Eyes open, my hands felt the coldness of the granite beneath me and above all, the tip of his masamume looking down at me mockingly into my eyes. I had lost..

Seph was a general of merit, another friend i treasure and i hope to be like a half of him or Zach one day..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Zack,

How are you? We miss you Zach. It has been years since you left Wally Ville for Midgar. How is it over there? Life at Wally Ville has never changed since the age of time. It looks depressed, like some contorted shape of metal cans as always, but the forests are still beautiful. You should come back one day! I have learnt some skills on the Busty to match your blades of fury. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dreams and ambition

Wally Ville was 2 miles away from the ground beneath me. I felt the breeze sighing at me. eyes closed, i felt like the trees around me seem to beam and relax. The branches creaked merrily and the leaves rustled like sand swooshing and for once, i felt happiness that shin-ra did not offer on a silver platter. Could it be that Shin-ra wasn't perfect? My life's experience tells me that they are. The teachings they provide, the food they serve, the care and comfort they show. Are we supposed to want anything else? I did not know what i want, but deep inside, something felt wrong. Is life supposed to be a prolonging of the human race for no reason? If so, shouldn't we be extinct because of our lack of worth and meaning?

Am i right, Tifa? I hope not. Ahhh, its just another mangled thought by me of course..

The step

It is another day at wally ville. The sun burns with its passion orange and the world was slowly adjusting. yawns permeate all the towns in the ville. brightened looks sparkle as a new day has come with good weather, good health and good security. the ville was never a source of danger. danger was a forbidden word in our ville. lets call it kula. shin-ra was good at making people feel like their lives were supposed to be a pre-destined conclusion. it was never about making mistakes, but learning about knowledge that seemed to be perversely stolen from somewhere with dubious means. Knowledge, previously regarded as a sacred privillege, is now a given fundamental. Life didn't seem ever so strange... but perhaps if you look around, the world we know is heading towards it at this breath and wake.

Humans, we are governed by laws, cold words that share no emotions, no sorrow, no happiness, no smell and no biasness and these words are upheld so as to keep us safe. no longer do we base our decisions on our conscience, but on thoughts of others. it feels weird to be so protected and one starts to wonder why is he being so shelled in? I always knew murder is a sin. i always knew stealing was wrong. why do we need laws to uphold them and not on our conscience? i do not like people to think the worst of me, nor do i want to be pessimistic about the world, but life should be determined by our actions, not by the legacy of others, right? did they want us to not think and focus on something else? what do we need to focus on? Everyone wants to feel productive, but is it necessary? Its all just things to do.. no consequences, no reason, no plan.

Do we need that much time to prepare for an unpredictable life, or can we just experience it as it is?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The story

In a land of happiness, there lived a few wilful individuals who all have their agendas and thoughts on life. one of them, Cloud, think of life as being contented. When i am poor, i look around and i see the ill. i am healthy and thus i am not poor. I have a buster sword that i can wield and thus it is good enough, right Zack? Zack is Cloud's friend and mentor and he is a soldier of Shin-ra, which is a corporation that sells happiness. Life was balanced and order was absolute. People did not experience sadness, angst and hopelessness. Life was a prolonging of life and being productive. Good workers got recognised and more happiness. But perhaps happiness was not as it seems...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Beginning

A peaceful world. A beautiful world. A world devoid of sadness. Only dreamers like me and Cloud can affirm to that..

Every day is the start of the rest of our lives, with every breath meaning time has passed and we have wasted it. But this world is supposed to be this way. I like idling at night looking at the stars and hoping that as far as things go, my love for life and simple wishes do not go away. But in a manipulating world, this remains a far-fetched ideal that i hold on to.

Hope, it is the audacity of irrational thoughts that seem to be shunned upon today. People have given up on hope, they think life is always realistic and that we are just being childish by hoping. It is true that if you are running an endless maze to get the proverbial wealth that lies ahead, insatiable greed makes hope an audacity. In later chapters, i hope to bring about a thought provoking story that would help myself understand Life.

Why are people so greedy? Why is globalisation so worshipped? Are they going in hand in hand or is greed penetrating the idealism of globalisation? We are supposed to help the world but as it seems, only the rich of the world get help. They propagate the chase for endless wealth and we are held by the nose towards an endless pit of worthless and meaningless race. Many have lost their souls and passions in order to get money.. I see emptiness in their eyes as they seem to think money is the meaning of life, but i can't help them because they are lost in their affirmations and misguided passions. Sadly, the rich are winning. The advertisements for peripheral items has never been so robust and effective that most of us are trapped in it. If you think otherwise, chances are you are buying more and more the next day and then doing the empty talk.

Thankfully and hopefully, i am not.