Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.

Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming to terms

the wounds bled and bled, the yellow embellished with ruby red and sweat. tire from antics and a front that forced a glare, he pursed meekly in bouts of dizzy spells so unlike his usual stance. He hear taunts from a distance, taunts second guessing him, ridiculous jibes that served no other purpose than to hopefully stab his heart into defeat. He snarled at the taunts, and imposed his gangly, if hunched, frame and paced around his small world that was to collapse if he were to fall.

No i mustn't fall. No, i must have dignity, he said. Even in a insidious lair he was trapped in. No i mustn't fall. he repeated in his head, his eyes looking frantically for a target to swipe at. There were none in the darkness around him, only echoes, chants, venom and it resonated with pulse, throbbing his already overwhelmed mind. a claw to his back and he was floored, the sharpest of his teeth stained with tracks of blood of his cuts and bruises. He hissed with the anger in his stomach, and then he howled and seethed, aggrieved and tearing. his shaky legs took his weight with a remarkable sturdy and he charged towards the ensuing darkness and he stumbled with a warm furry ball, his claws clutched tightly on the furry ball, blood spilling from either rollicking mess and he fell on his back on the ground, the furry thing leaving his claw probably dead and, no longer his concern.

He felt the breeze caressing his face into a coax. Alas, he was out, but he knew many were nearby and on his tail and so he sprang up. he took what's left of anything he had, he held on with tears still brimming in his swollen eyes, his heart pounding as loud as he ever heard it and he ran from the dwelling. he ran and he ran.