Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.

Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.
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Monday, June 29, 2009

The desperado

he wasn't always this way, desperate, needy and insane. well.. maybe he was but that only adds to his weird and stupid. i do not know why he was this way, but maybe this story might help shed some light..

the boy was a playful boy, euphemism for his energetic mischief and his boundlessness. he made teachers cry and children sing, and he did more. a day at the principal's office and he was asked about his guilt and what he felt. he said, i am not guilty for i have not done anything wrong to me, i have done something wrong only in your narrow eyes, in your world and in your terms. i am only a prisoner in you.

when the teacher fumed and the principal shocked, the big fat teacher slapped him with a crackle. the principal felt that boy john doe was right but wrong, and that he sounded wiser than his stupidity, but nonetheless, adults are adults and we shouldn't be disobeyed. he made sure the boy was broken in spirit, bruised in dignity and lost in the murky waters of adulthood confusion.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

from literati

i wanted to piece words that made sense as much as they made points. it was the only thing that i wanted to do that day, saturday afternoon, in the corner of my world. i am afraid of humans because they always have agendas, but words alone do not have and do not command agendas. the objective is to win, and if i were to win, i must have good letters and the other guy must be a loser. Ah the word is substance. No S :( i give up this round.

the claustrophobic guy went to the store to get himself a gun to shoot himself in the head, but he realises that he would be stuck in a rut. what if i shot myself and then saint peters lock me in a small room? ah, the word that is off my tongue is now in my world from that guy. he is no longer part of my imagination and i got the word i needed. I R O N Y. 5 points, 1 point et cetera. 36 points to win. another one in the bag, day in the shop, cliches. C L I C H E S. points and points earned are like silver wings on my chest; M E D A L.

all this is fun and all, but my letters this time do not make orgasmic connection with me; E F F E T E.

lets tango in the sunset; C R A Z Y, or stay in the rousing wind and enjoy; C A L M.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

flowers in spring

A girl sang in the vast grassland. the sun shone its brilliance and the girl glowed in the happiness the land felt. the blue of the sky felt amused by her energy and egged her to dance, or so she thought, and so she followed her heart and let go.

"the lands here are safe because there is no culture of the heroes. there was no obligation to be useful to some noble cause painted with words and visuals but only that familiar smell of spring and i swear i saw flowers already blooming in the land. If only you were here with me, Zach."

the blade was protruding from her chest, she choked in blood and tears and looked at the blurry sky. her staff that she held onto for strength had left her hand and left her forever..