Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.

Welcome to the blog and website of the author James Kidac.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

snow princess

is it possible to remain friends when you only want to hug her so tightly to feel happy?

in this world of many fading things, beautiful or otherwise, Jay came to life, undeserved and in debt. Brown eyes, brooding eyes and a pain in his heart, Jay didn't know the consequences of being alive and in the 15 years he lived, he just idled his way into a teenager who had yet to catch his feet on the ground. Being the jumpy, unsure and naive teenager that he was, he took a step off his comfort world to find firmer grounds, only to expect to taste one of life's bitterness.

a day came to sight when the sun ball rose slowly to accompany fluff for clouds. his closed eyes protested when light washed into his room( after ma had opened the curtains) and even felt glued when he tried opening them. the day before was fun, he had time to kill with Sarah, his computer admin and programmed her to play music every time he turned on the machine juiced up with gargantuan bytes and rams and geek. fast forward to the present and he felt the weight of dreadfulness bearing heavily on his bony shoulders and the chill of winter attacking his bones into shivers and aches. Off the bed and finishing his daily brush, he looked out of his window far beyond the walls of home and at a new world that he was not yet part of.


The white of the city stung naked eyes unsuspecting but Jay thought it looked beautiful as a small town within a big city, white and unblemished. Dressed, he wearily took a scarf of choice and left the house. at home, bells chiming their merry through the dawn of the day.

The park was huge and was blessed plenty with pine trees that had white icing on them. He shuffled his feet and looked down at the scattered snow on the ground, his aching heart and unexpected awe rushed into his sober self and knocked him back onto a wooden bench at the side. The day hung on when an unsettled Jay just sat there, keeping his hands warm in the deep pockets of his thick brown fur coat, wondering when would life grab him into its adventures and throw him deep into the unknown together hand in hand.

The stench of bland snow in the day was covered by a heavily perfumed fruity smell, tickling the nose of Jay who sat at the bench idling his life as he always did. A cold friday morning and i can feel a loud sneeze coming, how could my life be any more dreadful, Jay thought and he looked up and he saw the shoes that were made for beauties and he looked up further and he saw the legs made for beauties and then he raised his head and he saw a girl probably younger than him, with silky hair, white fair complexion and big cute eyes looking down at him with a megawatt smile and a presence that froze the weak hearted men, which he was one. It was probably normal for her to be curious, because there was hardly anyone in the park and even harder to find a fellow asian who was actually remotely cute there! Jay had a stone look that he couldn't take off and he didn't want to show his ugly smile and so he just acted normal (right..) and demanded "why are you looking at me like that?" He was surprised at his stupidity but couldn't laugh out loud because she was still there, now looking a little shocked and looking for words to say. She couldn't and so blushed and flushed and embarrassed, she walked away and he was now in trouble. This girl looked an angel and he was not going to be happy doing what he did and he could imagine himself being a wrinkly old man regretting the day he scared his angel away and so he had to think about what to do next.

trembling and yet in fear of losing a chance at one of life's miracles, he followed the fruity smell she had on her, ran and turned to his left and then his right and then saw only snow and more snow. the trees in this end of the park now towering over him and he could see no one. biting his lip and walking slowly to the front of him, he kicked the dried leaves scattered on the ground and watched brown leaves rustling into the air. he kept shivering cold hands muffed in soft pockets. his path led into two paths and he turned right without thought and walked and bumped into something on the head hard on momentum.

He winced in agony, rubbed his forehead and in front of him, a girl spawled on the ground with a book beside her, with a glum pout and a fruity scent he so fondly remembered. Smiles connected, he held out his hand to shake hers and her eyes sparkled. She didn't look shy at all, and pouted more and shook her head.

"i am not shaking hands with a pig like you" she said matter of factly and dusted her small delicate hands, got up and looked at him with her head tilted upwards to his towering frame. she looked a fine girl, her furry white top illuminated her pale skin and her wavy dark brown hair and beautiful eyes and a slightly bigger than average button nose. he was mesmerized momentarily by her beauty, coaxed to daze by her endearing eyes, and then he noticed her being there and he didn't know exactly what he said, but basically it went "hi, are you alright?" The next thing happened was the girl smiling at him and calling him cute and with that, she took out her phone to take a photo of him. He felt hot all over and didn't know what to say. He looked at her and felt dumb saying nothing but she seemed at ease with him being there, in fact she seemed happy. She took his hand and gestured him to go with her and he was dragged off on his adventure.